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EYER for G2 EYER for G2
Price: $24.95
You Save 20%: $5.00 through 03/31/2018

PC Only
Filesize: 65.70 MB

EYER for G2, software for PC

EYER G2 is the easy way to get photorealistic eyes for your digital woman and man that actually FIT!
These eyes conform exactly to all skin textures, poses and kind of images you have and wish to create. EYER G2 gives you the ability to create and use photorealistic eyes textures without the need for advanced graphic programs and, more importantly, without losing your precious time. Only a few mouse clicks separate you from having a beautifully eyes from EYER G2.
What is even more important, thanks to EYER G2 you can easy MIX and MATCH all available eye parts or arange available items without any problems. Even if you want to have one eye absolutely different than the other, you can do it easily in EYER G2.
EYER G2 application let you choose texture resolution, so you don't have to worry about file size.
EYER G2 can operate with Poser 4/5/6/7/8/9 and DAZ|Studio in Real-time, so you don't have to close Poser to change the eye configuration.
EYER G2 helps you find Poser version automatically, saving you the time. The easy to use, intuitive graphical user interface and search function made work with this application as easy as possible.
In illustrated User Guide You will find important information, advice and a Step by Step Tutorial included. Please read them carefully to get the most out of EYER G2.

EYER G2 was created for G2 figures.
If we haven't convinced you yet, we have few surprises:
EYER G2 now has special functions - RED, GREEN, BLUE, CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, OPACITY, HUE & SATURATION. This means you can easy change the color of each available texture. Yes! It's true! Now you have over a hundred thousand color possibilities for each item.
If you are still not sure if EYER is for you, download the demo version of EYER G2 from our site

Attention! If you already own EYER G2 SE or CLOTHER G2 check our special offer and save 20%:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

This version of EYER for G2 contains eyes-parts as follow:
- 4 eyewhites,
- 7 irises,
- 8 reflections,
- 14 effects,
- 5 addons.

All eyes are high resolution 2000 x 2000 pixels.

Reflections - 8 specially designed reflections. 4 covering full eye & 4 with shadow from lashes. All reflections are made from high quality landscapes photos and fit perfect for 3d eyes.

Eye-whites - 4 unique eye-whites. Tired, bloody, natural, fresh and many other. All ready to use, change its colors and saturation and customize its according to your wish.

Irises - 7 unique, beautiful irises in all your favorite colors. Ready to use, customize and to live up to all your expectations.

Special effects - 14 special effects. Let you customize each eye and to give you endless possibilities.

Add-ons - 5 add-ons. Let you customize each eye and to give you endless possibilities.

Projects - 10 already made, ready to use and customize projects. All colors and all styles.

You can download free items for EYER G2 from our web site.
- "Free eyes for EYER G2" (1)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS 5" (10)

Please take a look at our tutorials:
- "EYER G2 User Guide"


Christmas Pack1 for EYER G2

- Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
- 350 MHz Pentium class or compatible
- 64 MB system RAM (if running Windows 98 or ME)
- 128 MB system RAM (if running Windows 2000 or XP)
- 32 bit colour display
- 25 MB hard drive space (for ZEW EYER G2 installation only). Content requires additional space.
- An Internet connection is required to downloading free content from
- Poser 4 or better
- G2 figure
- Acrobat Reader (for USER GUIDE)

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