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Injuries Pack1 for CLOTHER Hybrid Injuries Pack1 for CLOTHER Hybrid
Price: $9.95
PC Only
Filesize: 15.87 MB

This is Add-on Pack for CLOTHER Hybrid for V4.

Injuries Pack1 for CLOTHER Hybrid contains items as follow:
- Body bites,
- Body bites2,
- Body fresh scratches,
- Body fresh scratches2,
- Body fresh scratches3,
- Body fresh scratches4,
- Body fresh scratches5,
- Body old scratches,
- Body old scratches2,
- Body punch marks,
- Body scars,
- Body soft scratches,
- Body soft scratches2,
- Body soft scratches3,
- Head bites,
- Head fresh scratches,
- Head fresh scratches2,
- Head fresh scratches3,
- Head fresh scratches4,
- Head fresh scratches5,
- Head gall,
- Head old scratches,
- Head punch marks,
- Head scars,
- Head soft scratches,
- Head soft scratches2,
- L knee gall,
- R elbow gall.

All clothes textures are high resolution.

Textures based on high quality photos made by ZEW so you won't find its anywhere else.

You can mix and match those items, change its colors & mix its with other items.

All items from this Pack work perfectly with items from CLOTHER Hybrid for V4 and with freestuffs for it.

Items textures has been designed for Victoria 4, but you can use it with Aiko 4 too.

Injuries Pack1 for CLOTHER Hybrid

- CLOTHER Hybrid for V4
- Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP
- 64 MB RAM minimum
- 300 MHz Pentium class or compatible
- Poser 4 or higher or DAZ|Studio installed on your computer.
- DAZ Victoria 4 and skin texture for her.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

More info about CLOTHER Hybrid for V4

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